ROI Complete Service

The ROI*Complete program provides full front-end and back-end support for fulfilling ROI requests. Useful in understaffed medical record departments, ROI*Complete features EMRCS’s experienced healthcare professionals who work remotely with your EMR to eliminate any request backlog, decrease request turnaround time and reduce overhead expenses associated with labor and equipment. There is NO cost to your facility for the ROI*Complete program.

ROI Shared Service

The ROI*Share program enables facilities to utilize their own staff to fulfill ROI requests while delegating the administrative burdens associated with this labor-intensive function to RecordQuest. The intuitive software makes it easy, efficient and cost effective to manage the ROI process in-house.

Interim Management

EMRCS provides interim Health Information Management Services for hospitals, clinics and physician offices. Our Management expert is highly credentialed with over 20 years in the Health Information Management field. Services are offered on Full time, part-time and/or as needed.


EMRCS offers Health Information Management consulting services. Our professionals are credentialed and expierenced in areas such as Healthcare Privacy and Security, EMR Implementation Support, Patient Portal Set Up and Release of Information.